Wow! I literally cannot believe that we are already half way through the first half of the year. Time flies, and deadlines are so close by. So much of work to be done, but yet here I am updating the blog post for the week. I must say, it is quite hard to maintain the speed of working when all of your energy is drained. I guess this is what happened this week. As a result of this, the lovely design team at Signature Floors, gave the group an extra week to finalize our design concepts and to simulate them in to floor plans. This week’s learner directed hours  were utilized to achieve the previously mentioned outcomes.

As a textile design student who has only been working on fabric based materials or sculptural elements, I found carpet designing quite  a challenge. It was a challenge I was happy to take over and turn tables around, so that I would eventually learn something important to have a successful career pathway in the industry. How cool would it be to mention that I have got carpet designing skills, or that I have done a studio placement at Signature Floors  in my Resume!!!

Talking about Resumes and stepping into the industry, I researched a couple of things a design student needs to keep in mind, when transitioning into a professional designer. According to Doug Bartow’s post on HOW, written on the 11 of September 2014, he mentions that “Many of the questions and concerns young designers share today are the same we had as graduating students looking to make our mark in the professional world, with only a résumé and portfolio of student projects to get our collective feet in the door. There’s nothing different in the design industry today that makes getting—and nailing—that initial interview or client pitch any easier”.

On his post he also mentions that there are 29 things young designers need to know when stepping into the industry.


Bartow D 2018, 29 things young designers need to know [Internet Image], HOW, posted on 14 September 2014, accessed on 24 April 2018, Image

It is true, I do really understand that the above shown 29 actions are quite necessary when you are stepping into the industry as an amateur design professional.

More details can be accessed through Doug Bartow’s blog post on 29 things descriptive information


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